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The Aura project for PHP.

What’s The Difference Between Tightly-, Loosely-, and De-Coupled ?

In a tweetstorm that spun up late last week, Taylor Otwell produced the following commentary: look guys I’m “decoupled” because this package doesn’t have composer dependencies!!! HAHAHAHA LOL how many composer packages a given package has does NOT affect YOUR code’s decoupling. that is a matter of programming to an interface, etc. you people seriously do not understand decoupling. at all. if you type hint Aura\Anything that is a HARD,… Read More »

First Aura 2.0 Stable Project Releases!

Exciting news! After a little over a year in the making, the Aura web and CLI project packages saw their first stable 2.0 releases this weekend. This is a major milestone for Aura, as it means not just the core libraries but also the frameworks built from them are now complete. Because Aura takes a “libraries first, framework second” approach, the project packages had to wait for the following 2.0… Read More »

New Aura v2 Stable Releases, and More

New v2 releases, and hey, what’s this about Aura.Di finally getting auto-resolution of typehinted parameters? First, we have brand new 2.0.0 stable releases of these v2 packages! Aura.Dispatcher Aura.Router Aura.Cli Aura.View Aura.Html Next, the Aura.Di package just got bumped to 2.0.0-beta2. This package in particular has seen some great new improvements, most notably auto-resolution of typehinted constructor parameters, and a brand-new README. Check it out at Emphasis not in… Read More »

DRY is about Knowledge

From Matthias Verraes: “Don’t Repeat Yourself” was never about code. It’s about knowledge. It’s about cohesion. If two pieces of code represent the exact same knowledge, they will always change together. Having to change them both is risky: you might forget one of them. On the other hand, if two identical pieces of code represent different knowledge, they will change independently. De-duplicating them introduces risk, because changing the knowledge for… Read More »

Action-Domain-Responder, Content Negotiation, and Routers

While talking about Action-Domain-Responder on the Crafting Code Tour, one of the common questions I got was: “Where does content negotiation happen?” My response was always: “Where does it happen in Model-View-Controller?” That opened up a discussion on how content negotiation is a tricky bit that can go in different places, depending on how you want the concerns separated, and is not a problem specific to ADR. However, I’ve not… Read More »

An Updated Preview Of Aura.Auth

It can be difficult to find a truly standalone, authentication-only library, and Aura.Auth fits that bill. The library is still under development, but the major pieces are all now in place: a state-tracking object services for login, logout, and resuming sessions adapters for htpasswd and PDO backends service integration idioms (including HTTP Authorization: Basic login integration) native session management Each layer can handle custom implementations. There are instructions for custom… Read More »

Aura.SqlQuery 2.0.0 Stable Release

Aura.SqlQuery provides provides a truly independent, fully decoupled package of query-building tools for PHP 5.3 and up. With it, you can use object-oriented techniques to create SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries. The package comes with a set of common base query objects, and provides specialized objects for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, and Microsoft SQL Server. When we say “truly independent and fully decoupled” we really mean it. The SqlQuery package… Read More »

Refactoring To Action-Domain-Responder

The v1 version of the Aura framework includes a controller to handle web assets. The idea for this controller was that an Aura package might have images, scripts, and stylesheets that need to be publicly available, but in development you don’t necessarily want to copy them to a public document root every time you change them. The framework dispatches all “/asset/*” routes to the asset controller, which in turn reads… Read More »

A Round Of Aura 1.x Library Releases

Over the weekend we released updated versions of every 1.x library. Most of these were “hygiene” releases, with docblock updates, extra tests, and minor bug fixes. However, the Router has two new methods to append and prepend route collections, and the Uri package adds support for schemeless URLs, ftp/ftps schemes, single label hosts, and an updated Public Suffix List. Many thanks to everyone who made these releases possible, especially to… Read More »

Aura.View 2.0.0-beta2 Now Has “Sections”

We have added a new feature (“sections”) to Aura.View v2 and released it as 2.0.0-beta2. This feature is due to the patient lobbying of Hari KT. He saw variations of it in Plates and Symfony, and figured it would be a nice bit of feature parity to add. He was right. via Aura.View 2.0.0-beta2 Released!.