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Back On The Market!

After a year spent writing my book, working on Aura, speaking at conferences and user groups, advising startups, and proposing new design patterns, I am back on the market. I’ve been writing PHP code since 1999, and in that time I’ve been everything from a junior developer to a VP of Engineering. If you have a PHP codebase that requires some attention, especially a legacy app that needs to be… Read More »

Book Announcement:
Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP

There you are, working late for the second night this week. Everyone else in the office has gone home. Most of the lights are out. Yesterday it was trying to copy a feature over to a different section of the site, because marketing wanted their new client to see it there. Today, you have just finished tracking down a globals-related bug in an SQL query embedded in a page script.… Read More »

Nashville PHP User Group

I was lucky enough to be in town for the inaugural Nashville PHP User Group as resurrected by Ben Ramsey last week. The presentation by Josh Holmes was interesting though over-long. My favorite part of these things (as always) is meeting the other attendees. We retired to a nearby bar after the meeting, where I cliqued up with Brian Dailey, Ryan Weaver, Jeremy Kendall, and others. Here are some of… Read More »

Keith Casey on "Joining a Startup"

Keith Casey has a great series of points about joining a startup here, especially the part about founders who “believe in themselves”. To this, I must also add a recommendation to read Gerber’s The E-Myth for entrepreneurial-minded programmers thinking about starting a business of their own.