YaWiki 0.19 alpha released

YaWiki is a wiki-ish CMS, or CMS-ish wiki, primarily for collaborative documentation efforts; it uses Yawp and PEAR as its foundation.

This release adds an enhancement that was removed in earlier versions. The AreaMap page, which allows you to add navigational hints such as tabs and sidebars, now allows you to specify an optional navigation title for the element. This was available in early versions YaWiki, before it supported freelinks; after freelinks became available, navigation element titles were taken from the page title. Due to consistent user feedback, it appears I was unwise to take away the alternate titling, so now it’s back. Use a pipe character (“|”) on an AreaMap line to indicate the navigation title; e.g., “HomePage | Welcome!” will link to the home page, but the navigation element text will be “Welcome!” regardless of what the HomePage page title is.

You can view the list of changes for this release here.

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One thought on “YaWiki 0.19 alpha released

  1. Hi Paul,

    Just tried Yawiki for the first time (for an internal online manual for site admins). I stumbled over a small problem when trying to localize strings.

    When Yawiki gets the data from the “edit page” form, it takes the values of the submit buttons to determine what the user requested. So no way to change the text in the Submit, Preview and Save buttons without editing the source files.

    Maybe the values could become a configurable option?

    Thanks for your great work!

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