Done With Twitter

I’ve tried “taking a break” but I always come back. Time to be done with it: account deactivated.

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10 thoughts on “Done With Twitter

  1. lol. I was looking to see your tweets today and noticed missing. Thought you were censored by twitter for free speech.

    One question : What makes you keep these share this buttons ?

  2. Too bad, i enjoyed your timeline. are you done with social media in general or will you be on Gab maybe?

    • Glad you enjoyed it! Maybe not done with social media in general: I am pmjones on Gab and Oneway. Perhaps a Mastodon at some point would be good.

  3. Your own personal “deplatforming” of Twitter, I take it? I’m not on much social media, overall, but will keep in touch. The creative friction resulting from disparate points of view and experience is too valuable for me to pass up.

    • It’s a net negative for me. I don’t find much “creative friction” there; I think it is too constrained and ephemeral for that. But, to each their own on this!

  4. Mastodon seems a piece of rubbish.
    I spent exactly four minutes there, to find the “guidelines”, with the usual “gender harassment” crap inside it, then deactivated my account.

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