If you respect a [developer], you talk about the [code]; if not, you psychoanalyze the [developer].

… if you respect a writer, then you talk about the work. If you disdain the writer, then you try to psychoanalyze the writer and figure out why would he write this. … If they mention my work at all, which they rarely do, it’s to dismiss it and to psychoanalyze me, which they are incapable of doing … They have no idea what I’m talking about.

A lot of criticism is like, including project criticism. Via Critics, community and ‘Ender’s Game’: An interview with Orson Scott Card | Deseret News.

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21 thoughts on “If you respect a [developer], you talk about the [code]; if not, you psychoanalyze the [developer].

  1. funny enough, in when we where in school, we had to learn to interprete articles, stories and books, and what we learned there was to find out what the author meant by looking at why he might have written something.
    But hey, setting an expression of words in a context, yeah that’s something you do when you don’t respect the writer. right.

    Same goes for code, usually without having a context on why a developer choses a specific solution to a problem, you won’t be able to find out why it is the best (or if there would have been a better solution).
    Looking at the bigger picture is never something bad.

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