Aura Has New Releases: Input, Sql, and View

On the heels of last week’s slew of releases, we have three followups!

The Aura.Input package got a feature-level bump to 1.1.0, with a new FormFactory. Thanks to Hari KT for championing that one.

Aura.Sql is now at 1.3.0, due to lots of work from MAXakaWIZARD to provide SQLite- and PostgreSQL-specific query objects.

Finally, the Aura.View package got a bugfix and is now at 1.2.1; it handles content-type negotiation better for those times when there is no Accept header.

Take a look at all of the Aura packages here – each of them completely decoupled from the others, ready for you to use with no additional dependencies.

via Aura for PHP.

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