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All comments that include threats of violence will be subjected to editing or deletion at my discretion.

(Updated 28 July 2013)

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12 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. I seriously can’t wait for your keynote! rape apologists will find no quarter from me. Hope none of your bros or even your “pretty girlfriend” get in my way

  2. They are comments he’s deleting because they are me making unambiguous threats of violence in response to clear slut-shaming and rape apologizing. Some women may put up with that, but I don’t. See you at coderfaire.

  3. Just wondering in here after reading the dreadful thread on twitter — Paul I have never read your blog but we have some acquaintances in common in the community. I’m shocked at your treatment and know that you have my full support.

    I will remain anonymous here because I don’t want to raise the ire of crazy over here. But you should know that anarchival aka amber adams has been a problem for the nash community for years (she has spread lies about meand my husband, threatened violence as well, et cetera). The jury is out over whether or not she is actually dangerous, but if she is threatening violence, I wouldn’t take it lightly. She has never showed up at events I’ve been to (that I know of), but I wouldn’t put it past her to actually show up at coderfaire. Im sorry you’re having to deal with this but know that you’re not alone — ask around.

  4. It is never good to tolerate threats of violence on your blog. I would delete without explanation. But, I would also not allow public accusations from those who wish to remain anonymous. Privacy is fine, but the comments are best shared via email. Once public statements are made, then, in my opinion, people really do have the right to know who is accusing them. That might be something to consider as a possible addition to your comment policy.

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