Aura.Micro: Experimental Replacement for Silex

By | December 13, 2012

Stan Lemon writes on the Aura Project for PHP 5.4+ blog about an experiment he’s trying:

I was recently working on a small project that used Silex. As I browsed my vendor folder, I realized how much extra “stuff” I had inherited with Silex. There were a bunch of other components required when all I wanted was some quick and easy routing, micro-framework style.

When I think about going lean I always find myself coming back to Aura. Micro-frameworks are not a new to idea to Aura, so I wondered if I could take the elegance and ease of Silex by wrapping up Aura.Router and exposing it through a similar API. The result is Aura.Micro, a light wrapper for Aura.Router to get a Silex-style API.

Read the whole thing here: Aura.Micro — Experimental Replacement for Silex.

11 thoughts on “Aura.Micro: Experimental Replacement for Silex

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  2. cordoval

    silex is a microframework but can be turned into a beast, as Dustin once similar i don’t recall but micro does not mean without the capability. To run a full fledged site you can use silex.

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