Savant Has A New Owner

By | August 20, 2008

As many of you know, I’ve been the lead of many different PHP libraries over the years: Contact_Vcard_Parse, Contact_Vcard_Build, DB_Table, Text_Wiki, and others. As each matured, I handed them over to other maintainers who continued to improve on them and take them to greater heights. Now that time has come for Savant, one of my early and favorite PHP projects.

Due to time constraints, mostly because of my Solar framework project, I haven’t been able to pay as much attention to Savant as I think it deserves, so I made the hard decision to put it up for adoption. Lucky for the Savant community, Brett Bieber (aka Salty Beagle) of the PEAR Group picked up on that call right away. Brett is now the steward and lead developer of the Savant Template System for PHP.

The transfer of code, domain names, and hosting is complete, but the transition period might be a bit bumpy, so please bear with us. Brett is committed to “carrying the torch” for Savant (his words). Anyone who wants to help out the new project lead can contact him at “brett.bieber –at– gmail –dot– com”.

Thanks, Brett, for taking over the project, and good luck!

10 thoughts on “Savant Has A New Owner

  1. Rick Harding

    Awesome, I avoided using it in a project because it just seemed to have fallen off. I’ll be glad to see it survive and go forward.

  2. Stan

    I’m curious what the roadmap is for future development? Any big plans?

  3. Marc Gear

    Savant is an excellent bit of code, I readily recommend it all the time. You did a great job and I’m glad that it is going to be maintained going forth.

    Thanks Paul.

  4. Brett Bieber

    Thanks Paul!

    I have no plans for overhauling Savant yet. I’ll just be putting out any fires and getting a feel for what the existing Savant community needs for right now.

    If anyone is interested in helping guide the direction of Savant, please post to the forum at

  5. Jesus A. Domingo

    Hi Paul,

    I tried visiting the SolarPHP website and it’s currently letting me download the code for the index page.

    Other than that, sad to see you leave Savant, but also happy that you’re leaving it to someone who’s eager to move it forward.

    Good luck to you guys! Now get back to coding, ‘cos we want updates :)

  6. pmjones Post author

    @Stuardo: Solar uses a highly customized fork of Savant called “Solar_View”, same way Zend Framework uses a highly-customized fork called “Zend_View”. The concepts and operating principles are very similar, but specially-adapted to the individual frameworks.

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