3 thoughts on “If Pierre Thinks It’s A Bad Idea …

  1. Not like your opinion matter that much as you changed as often as your shirts.

    Working for Omniti does not make you any better as far as I can see. Only good at criticizing other projects or persons and making your self promotion.

    That’s something you can be proud of, you are somehow good at marketing and politics. You even succeeded to be elected in the PEAR while doing absolutely nothing for PEAR, chapeau. You are the perfect example of why PHP is getting so annoying these days, persons like you only care if their own little needs and ego. Keep goint down this way, you are getting better every day.

  2. I was curious about the probably good idea that pierre thinked was bad… But the damn pierre blog doesnt working at this time… I suspect Paul Was simply joking with Pierre but after see his crying lastimation on the response and his blog suffering bug, in started to agree completely with Paul.. 😀

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