The dark craft of engineering management

By | August 7, 2012

Why is management a craft?

It’s a craft for the same reasons engineering is a craft.  You can read all the books you want on something but crafts are learned by getting your hands in it and getting them dirty.  Crafts have rough edges, and shortcuts, and rules of thumb, and things that are held together with duct tape.  The product of craft is something useful and pleasing.

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4 thoughts on “The dark craft of engineering management

  1. Paul Schwartz

    I believe that (like most things) you can only read so much about a subject (Management) but once you get into Management it’s a blast! I have to say I don’t nor have I nor will I ever Manage anyone, I lead people! If I have to Manage someone it’s a failure on their part of execution of the tasks I have asked to be completed therefore they can’t do what is asked and I in turn have to “Manage” them. We many money, assets, resource’s, book’s, desk’s…stuff. We Lead People! I have read 100’s of leadership book’s, attended dozen’s of leadership workshops, have been selected to attend leadership programs and not once have I heard we “Manage people”. If you manage people you are a failure as a Manager.

  2. Kenneth Schabrechts

    Great read.

    I have to agree with Paul Schwartz, it would be better to lead people then to manage them. Though many managers make mistakes towards this. Especially when they are micro managing. Nothing more annoying for an engineer then someone micro managing them.

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