“Is there anything Rails can do that PHP cannot do? *No.*”

That’s not me, it’s Derek Sivers of CDBaby (hat tip to Greg Beaver).

Jeff Moore has related and insightful comments.

Update: More wisdom and analysis from Pervasive Code regarding “immature developer attitudes”.

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8 thoughts on ““Is there anything Rails can do that PHP cannot do? *No.*”

  1. Rails is a creative approach to web application development only. It opened up a new way of building an architecture for a web application. Very interesting. But it is not a silver bullet although many Ruby fan boys take it as such. It fits well for a certain class of web application where PHP even fits better

  2. There is an article that doesn’t agree with the article here : “Is there anything Rails can do that PHP cannot do? *No.*”


    I personally think that it is very stupid to believe that “Something is better than Something else” just based on one article of one guy in one specific case.

    The guy isn’t even a decent software engineer and doesn’t know about software engineering.

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