Speaking at php|works in September

Looking at the php|works schedule it appears my proposal for “Organizing your PHP Project” has been accepted for day 1 at 16:00. Woohoo! 🙂

Are you stuck with a legacy PHP application? You should buy my book because it gives you a step-by-step guide to improving your codebase, all while keeping it running the whole time.

2 thoughts on “Speaking at php|works in September

  1. Congrats! I have to say I’d be interesting in seeing your slides afterwards. Your artcile on auto building of the project a while back was a great read and I imagine this presentation would be more of the same.

  2. How’s your prep for this talk coming? I’ve been reading The Practical Programmer, and I just started Code Complete which has gotten me thinking of some of the practices I think you’ll be covering.

    Do you have any links/books that into the HOW more? So far things seem to basically be “You should automate testing, documentation, etc” but there seems to be a lack of various documented methods to try out.

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