Speaking at OSCON 2011

My Benchmarking talk has been accepted for OSCON 2011. Looking forward to updating it for the occasion. Woohoo!

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3 thoughts on “Speaking at OSCON 2011

  1. Just a tip, but you should read the man for ab and see that you are using -t wrong. It dost NOT mean duration of the test. The output run time in your presentation should also give you a hint as it ran for 0.19 seconds. So i’d throw out all you ab data as you never tested if for long enough.

  2. Actually let me clarify that. If you want to run for 60 seconds you ALSO have to set the -n to a really high value. Setting just the -t 60 assumes only -n 50000 which you hit faster than the 60 seconds. Also you have to do it in the right order. Yes it’s retarded.
    So you want -t 60 -n 10000000 If you do -n 1000000 -t 60 it defaults back to 50000 requests.

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