I just got this via email: “Congratulations on passing the Zend PHP Certification exam! ” Woohoo!

But please, no applause; just throw money. 😉

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7 thoughts on “PMJ is ZCE

  1. Right on — just got my congratulatory email from Zend as well. I was beginning to wonder if the Cancun culture had rotted my brain and I had somehow failed…

  2. Via e-mail? I thought everybody did the test via the pearson vue application. In my case, I got the results right after I submitted the last question. Are there different examination ways?

  3. Hi, Ivo — a bunch of us took it at PHP Tropics conference this year, on paper. That was May 14 (for me) so as you can see the results took a while to come back.

  4. Congrats Paul. I just received my certificate a week or so ago after passing the test in April. Wonder if the people from PHP Tropics will have to wait another two months for that or if it will come quicker.

    Congrats again, it’s time to throw the ZCE logo on your site!

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