Nashville PHP User Group

I was lucky enough to be in town for the inaugural Nashville PHP User Group as resurrected by Ben Ramsey last week. The presentation by Josh Holmes was interesting though over-long.

My favorite part of these things (as always) is meeting the other attendees. We retired to a nearby bar after the meeting, where I cliqued up with Brian Dailey, Ryan Weaver, Jeremy Kendall, and others. Here are some of the books, blogs, and podcasts that came up in our discussion:

If anyone there remembers other stuff we talked about, leave a comment and I’ll put it in the main entry.

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7 thoughts on “Nashville PHP User Group

  1. Being a native of Argentina, I am curious of how the blog “Surviing in Argentina” came into the discussion.

  2. Hi Pablo — that one was specifically from me. Among my varied interests are economics and disaster preparedness, and the Argentina collapse of 2001 caught my attention on both of those topics. It came up in relation to the current US recession, and what one could do to prepare for some of the worst possibilities. Fernando Aguirre, the author, has what appears to be a valid, first-hand account of the collapse and its aftermath.

  3. This week we went and saw Fred Brooks speaking at Etsy on “telecollaboration” and on his new book, The Design of Design. It was quite an experience (he’s very smart, obviously, and very quick-witted) and we even chatted with him for a bit.

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