Solar Beta 1 and 2, With A Blog Demo

By | January 1, 2010

The Solar Framework for PHP went to “beta” status on 18 Dec 2009 with its first beta release. I just now released beta2, along with an official blog demo tutorial.

The blog demo tutorial covers how to:

  • Download and install a new Solar system;
  • Make a vendor-space for working in the system;
  • Configure the system;
  • Make a model from a database table;
  • Make a basic application;
  • Add application actions and views to:
    • Browse all public articles,
    • Read one article,
    • Browse all draft articles,
    • Edit one article,
    • Add a new article,
    • Delete an article;
  • And finally, set locale strings for the application.

The beta release notes are here:

Download the latest system release and try it out!

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