More Than One Hive

Robert Janeczek notes that his project, also called Hive, won an award in the Zend PHP5 coding contest last year. It’s obvious he has first dibs on the name; it’s also obvious that I didn’t search hard enough for other PHP5 projects using that name.

So what to do now, seeing as I already went and bought the domain name “”? ๐Ÿ™

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8 thoughts on “More Than One Hive

  1. “Phive” looks close to copyrighted already (there are some guys in Arizona with that name). “Phear” is pretty phunny, thanks Hans. Lukas, you can have “repear” all you want; I’m not trying to re-PEAR, but to de-PEAR (how far can we stretch a fleshy pome anyway? ;-).

  2. Hi, Norbert — the class library itself, though, is still “Hive”. Typing PhpHive in every class name, and for every static call to the object aggregator, seems too much to me. I would have registered “” if it weren’t already taken.

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