Solar 1.0.0alpha5 Released

Solar 1.0.0alpha5 has been released, with a few bugfixes and one change. The change notes are below. Also of note, I have created separate "alpha" and "beta" branches, so we can continue bugfix releases on the alpha side while not having to release new beta features.

  • Solar_Form
    • [FIX] Form attributes for id, name, and class are now reset properly. Thanks, jelofson and stloyd, for the report and patch.
  • Solar_Class
    • [FIX] Do not use $this for exceptions in a static method call. Thanks, Richard Thomas, for the report and patch.
  • Solar_Sql_Model_Cache
    • [FIX] Method getCacheKey() now converts the fetch params to array before unsetting values. Was previously unsetting the ‘cache’ value (among others) causing cache results not to be saved in Solar_Sql_Model. Thanks, Anthony Gentile, for the report that led to this fix.
    • [FIX] Default adapter is now Solar_Cache_Adapter_None, as it is in Solar_Sql_Model.
  • Solar_Sql_Model_Params_Eager
    • [CHG] Method joinCond() (and array key ‘join_cond’) now accept arrays for cond => val the same way where() and having() do in fetch params. Thanks, Anthony Gentile, for the report that led to this change.
  • Solar_Sql_Model_Params_Fetch
    • [FIX] In method cache(), use $this, not $$this. Was preventing the cache value from being set, so it was always null. Thanks, Anthony Gentile, for the report that led to this fix.
  • Solar_Sql_Model_Record
    • [FIX] In method newFilter(), do not add filters for table cols that are not part of the fetch cols. All other filters are still added.
  • Solar_Sql_Model_Related_HasManyThrough
    • [FIX] In _modEagerFetchJoin(), cast the base join conditions to array before merging.
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