Forty Percent!

Big news (for me anyway): my employer, OmniTI, is allowing me to spend a minimum of 40% of my paid work time on the Solar Framework for PHP 5 (plus additional time as duty allows). The project remains open-source under New BSD license.

The agreement has been in place for several weeks now, and has allowed me to put a lot more effort into the project lately (as a review the SVN logs will reveal) while keeping a paycheck. At the same time, OmniTI gets to show its support for one of the many the open-source communities it has been able to build its business on. Thanks, Theo and Ciprian, for this generous allowance. I appreciate it, and so does everyone who uses Solar; I think it’s a big win-win all around.

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6 thoughts on “Forty Percent!

  1. This is such good news. Thanks OmniTI. It is impressive how much work you have done on Solar in the last couple of weeks. Well done! Looking forward to that stable release 🙂

  2. That’s good news! I appreciate that they are willing to support your work on the framework. I’ll have to take it for a spin sometime (when I’m not dabbling with Django or Ruby!).

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